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Five Things That Depress Me The Most

Here is my list of five things that I find most depressing.

1. Just recently the “insurgents” took back the Iraqi city of Falluja when so many Marines were wounded and died taking the city in November, 2004. But history repeats itself, does it not? In 1968  following the bloody battle of Khe Sanh, a base in the Quang Tri Providence, Republic of Vietnam, which U.S. troops later abandoned, giving it back to the North Vietnamese. It’s just damn depressing thinking about why American men and woman in uniform die for nothing.

2. The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and his top staff acting like third graders causing four days of massive traffic backups on the George Washington Bridge and the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, by closing down lanes on the bridge for no reason. Christie, a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2016,  proves how pathetic our political system is for producing quality leaders who can address real problems. Of course, Christie says he knew nothing about the lane closing scheme to punish a democratic foe who just happens to be the mayor of Fort Lee. My apologies to third graders.

3. Newly elected mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio wants to charge charter schools in the city rent. Terrific idea. Poor families trying to get their children a better education. Why not charge homeless shelters and animal refuge centers like PAWS, rent, too? Soup kitchens, $1,000 a month. Toy drives for underprivlidged tots, $1,500. Wait, I’ve got a better idea. Any service within city limits that feeds the poor or helps people gets a flat surcharge. Little Sisters of the Poor — automatic tax levy of an additional $5,000. Give me a freaking break — mayor, go fine money somewhere else.

4. A friend of mine lost his job because he was good at it. Why shouldn’t that surprise you? In fact, he was so good that jealous back stabbers tried for years to undermine him. The majority of Philadelphia’s baseball fan-base were appreciative of his dedication and knowledge of the game. Didn’t matter. After 37 years as a broadcaster, 41 with the organization, he was booted out the door because a big-shot corporation deal made him expendable. The corporate suits want a younger, slick-chicked-know nothing to appease the back stabbers. Just goes to show you that money does buy everything. Hey, Comcast, slickchick this!

5. Blogs. It is estimated that over a 137 million blogs exist on the Internet. What are these people trying to say? Any topic you pick,  you can bet there are blogs about it. Meanwhile, newspapers are going down the toilet faster than the other kind of paper and magazines aren’t far behind.  Internet giants like  WordPress and Blogspot will give any dimwit free space to write an incomplete sentence.

Of course, my blog is different.

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