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Two Reviews On Charter School General

Dr. Mark E. Sandberg, retired Dean of the Rider University College of Business Administration, Lawrenceville, New Jersey / Here is what Dr. Sandberg said about Charter School General

“My first reaction is that this author is a truly creative individual. Wow, by the time you are done reading the novel one sees this in a much larger way. Next, it is great to see how this book shows inner city students and the staff that care about them triumph. They triumph over their world, and forces much powerful. Next, it causes readers to understand what kids in underprivileged areas live through in their daily life. At the end  one is left with such a wonderful feeling. The ending is magical.”

Dr. Fredricka Reisman, professor and founder of the Drexel University School of Education and Director of the Drexel/Torrance Center for Creativity and Innovation at Drexel University in Philadelphia / Here is what Dr. Reisman said about Charter School General

 “I could not put this book down.

“The main character, Jamil Jamil, reveals the heart of so many of our African American students in urban settings. The author has captured the essence of Jamil Jamil- courageous, lonely, creative, isolated–has a grandmother who supplements a crack head mother–and he has a smart, engaging personality. The setting is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the time is now. Jamil’s Charter school provides an option for a safe, effective education. Jamil has inherited a gift that allows him to transcend human communication; a secret gift that enables him to deal with a possible terrorist attack on his beloved city.

The book is rich with behind the scenes information regarding governmental and international intrigue. Readers from elementary through high school as well as adults will find this an exciting and enjoyable experience. Whether the book is read to or read by youth and their family members, a good feeling will result.”