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We’re All Working For the Japanese

Lordie I have loved some ladies and I love Jim Beamand they both tried to kill me in 1973when that doctor asked me, son how did you get in this condition?I said hey sawbones, I’m just carrying on an ole family tradition” – Hawk Williams, Jr., Family Tradition

Raise your glasses high!

Raise your glasses high!

No Hank, no, say it ain’t true!

Jim Beam, Inc., has sold out!

You can’t get more American than bourbon. Country songs like Family Tradition  and Whisky Bent are filled with references to bourbon whiskey.

“Play me some songs about a ramblin‘ manput old Jim Beam in my hand…’cause you know I still love to get drunk and hear country sounds” – Hank William, Jr.. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Suntory of Japan in an acquisition recently announced the purchase of the American whiskey and scotch making company, Jim Beam, for $13.6 billion.

Play me some songs about a ramblin‘ manput ole Yamazaki in my hand...” just doesn’t cut it.

Jim Beam’s roots began in 1795 when Kentuckian Jacob Beam first started  brewing corn whiskey. Beam grew into the biggest manufacturer of havin fun, feelin good — and the largest next day headache producing firm in America.

But no more. It’s enough to make someone cry in their Jim Beam, ah, wait, I mean Jack Daniels.